As Built


We provide As-Built drawings also known as "as-found") for commercial and residential clients.  However, this option is mostly requested by commercial companies. As-Built drawings are used for companies looking to move into an existing building. We visit the building to gather information such as wall measurements, lighting details, appliance specifications, and any other relevant detail.  The information gathered will be placed into AutoCAD where we will provide a full set of as built drawings

As-Built Plan can be used for Fire exit Layouts which we also offer.



The word As-Built is also known as "As Is"

If you are a commercial company looking to buy or lease a building I can produce As Built drawing to show you the status of the existing building. You will receive AutoCAD drawings, images and anything else that you require to complete your drawing. These drawings can then be used to produce a design with your own engineers or designer.

As-Built drawings is also great for real estate agents seeking to sell a commercial building or larger home